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OHM Networks

OHM Networks understand the importance of integrated technological solutions and services required when running a business. That is why at OHM Networks our team's specialized expertise allows us to provide our cliental with the utmost in personalized network clarification, ensuring that we meet all our clients' business requirements as they grow. Our success comes from our unique approach when planning, implementing and managing our client's technological needs, whilst providing them with technological support ensuring their business functions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With our finger on the pulse of the telecommunication world our clients can be assured that OHM Networks are in the forefront when providing our clients with voice and data communication solutions.

When OHM networks are designing and wiring your Local Area Network (LAN) you simply have to tell us your needs and our team will find a solution to fit your business specific requirements. Our strong belief in a customer orientated service gives our clients peace of mind knowing that our business policy takes care of our clients networking concerns.


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At Ohm networks we provide a full range of services that are specifically adapted to your individual needs. We believe in a close relationship with our clients cutting out miscommunication problems and ensuring a successful site completion and aftercare service.

Our high regard for customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest, we have an exceptional aftercare service and have the testimonials to prove it.

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  • LAN (Local Area Network)

    We specialize in the design and implementation of LAN networks, we understand that each client is different and have the years of experience to formulate a specific solution for your enterprise. We can offer you the solution from beginning to end. This involves analyzing the companies' corporate goals and from these establishing the technological alternatives available, and associated pitfalls with each, which would help reach those goals
  • WiFi

    We have tried and tested many devices and frequencies and have chosen to use the mikrotik brand and the N band frequency. Whether it be a coffee shop or Hotel, where cables might not as statically pleasing or  the best option, our problems solving skills can design a safe, secure and swift wireless network for you.

  • CCTV

    Design, implementation and maintenance. Maintenance and service are key elements in ensuring any security system remains effective and trouble free in operation at all times.
    OHM networks take great pride in ensuring all equipment is fully tested to the highest standards before and during installation. It is important however to test and maintain the equipment at regular intervals to make sure the system is running at its optimum capacity.

  • CCTV Systems

    State-of-the-art bespoke CCTV systems are available for purchase from OHM network. An unlimited number of CCTV cameras can be connected to your network, each of which can be viewed through a local PC.
    We are experienced in the installation and maintenance of both large and small CCTV systems capable of providing your site with a sophisticated monitoring system. CCTV cameras can be overt or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, and all have their own individual characteristics enabling you to choose a tailor-made solution for your particular circumstances.

  • PBX

    VOIP, Analog or cellular WE CAN INSTALL AN INSTANT PHONE SYSTEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS USING normal sim cards and connect a 3G connection so that you do not have to wait 3 months for the national provided to install your analog / ADSL lines. Once you have your analog/ADSL lines we will integrate these lines into the existing system and have the 3G and sim’s as a failsafe. The system can integrate into you data network, noticeably cutting your cabling costs.